We offer a personal service to help you choose an appropriate and fitting memorial for a loved one that will stand as a lasting act of remembrance. We offer a wide range of memorials which we can get engraved and erect on your behalf. We also provide maintenance, repairs and cleaning services for existing memorials.

Burgess Memorials was founded in 1839 by James Jacob Burgess to compliment the family funeral business. The family name brings with it a reputation of quality craftsmanship, reliability and attention to detail which we believe is unsurpassed in the Hertfordshire area.

We offer a wide range of memorials, including:

  • Cemetery memorials
  • Traditional kerbs
  • Cremation stones
  • Children’s stones
  • Churchyard memorials
  • Marble memorials
  • Vases and figures

Church memorial headstones in Herts

We offer a wide range of memorials - request a free brochure

We provide a personal service. We can:

  • Help you to choose a suitable memorial and inscription
  • Obtain permission to erect a memorial
  • Prepare the memorial and add your inscription
  • Erect your memorial
  • Provide a fixed price quotation
  • We can also maintain your memorial

Memorials for cemeteries

Cemeteries are council maintained and usually allow the any natural material to be used for a memorial. However, memorials must comply with the sizes laid down by the cemetery regulations which, in many cases, restrict the use of full kerbstones. You will notice there are many different colours and designs in the granite memorials; these are all interchangeable, although some motifs will not show clearly on lighter coloured stones.

Granite is very hard and durable and therefore not affected by weathering and is easy to maintain. The softer white marble, however, lends itself to more intricate designs and allows delicate carvings and details.

Memorials for churchyards

Permission for memorials can only be given by the local incumbent if they comply with the rules laid down by the local diocese. Only the memorials with an unpolished finish are allowed in churchyards, and in some areas designs are restricted to a simple motif or cross. However, it is possible to apply for a Faculty (special permission) direct to the diocese in certain instances.

Suitable materials include medium and light grey granites, Yorkstone or Limestone. White marble memorials are not permitted but designs in Nabresina, which is buff coloured, are quite acceptable.

Obtaining permission to erect a memorial

Before any memorial can be erected either in a churchyard or cemetery written permission has to be obtained from the authority in charge. Our memorial consultant will apply for for the necessary permission to the appropriate authority on your behalf.


It is always advisable to insure a memorial against accidental damage, vandalism and theft - and to make sure the cover takes effect immediately once the memorial is fixed in the cemetery or churchyard. The cost is very reasonable and usually insignificant when compared with the possible cost of repairs or replacement.

Memorial maintenance and renovation services

The grave owner is responsible for maintaining the memorial. All memorials must be kept safe, and any broken or damaged memorials that have become unsafe may be laid flat by cemetery staff. It is therefore wise to arrange for it to be regularly maintained and insured.

Memorials can be cleaned, renovated and restored to their original condition. Our staff have the necessary skills and experience to renovate, clean and repair a memorial. You can see some examples of our work below.

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Memorial renovation in Hertfordshire
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Memorial cleaning in Herts
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Before and after pictures of renovated gravestones

The British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM)

BRAMM was created in 2004 to establish a network of nationally accredited businesses and registered memorial fixers. BRAMM promotes a recognised standard of service to the public by ensuring that adequate public liability insurance is provided and that members follow Health and Safety guidelines to protect both the public and their employees.

The National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM)

BAMM is dedicated to furthering the Memorial Masonry industry and safeguarding the interests of the bereaved the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.

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